Personal Injury Attorney Caught Stealing from Clients. What Can You Learn?

Published: 07th July 2010
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A St. Louis personal injury attorney has been exposed for stealing almost $800,000 from 75 clients. His scheme was finally brought to light when Angelisa Garrett was forced to turn to the attorney general's office for help with her creditors.

Angelisa had been involved in a personal injury suit that he dragged on for years, leaving her in terrible medical debt and no settlement to help. Frank Carter, her attorney, had always been kind and even offered her a little money to help her along her way.

When she called the Attorney General's office to complain about her creditors, the office discovered that her $50,000 settlement had been released three years earlier. Garrett had never seen any of her settlement. As it turns out, her signature had been forged and Carter had pocketed the money. Unfortunately, Ms. Frank Carter involved more than just Garrett in his massive scam.

75 other clients were victimized by this fraudulent attorney and, to make matters worse, he had referred any clients that came to him with money troubles to William Londoff. Londoff, a convicted felon and disbarred attorney, had been involved in a similar scandal a number of years ago, for which he actually served time in jail. With the addition of Londoff into the mix, the prosecutor is pushing for Frank Carter to see jail time.

Many of Carter's clients were left drowning in debt-and turned to Missouri bankruptcy for help.

However, out of this terrible situation, there is a lesson to be learned for all you seeking information on bankruptcy and hiring an attorney. How harsh can you be when looking at the reputation of a bankruptcy you are thinking of retaining? What are the signs of a good, reputable attorney? Take a look at these three essential credentials to have: 1. Significant case results 2. Satisfied client testimonials 3. Good standing with the Missouri Bar Association

Is that all that is required of the best bankruptcy attorney? No. By taking a look at these credentials, you might be able to spot some dangers before they become a problem for you. After all, you wouldn't want to hire a "Frank Carter," would you?

The choice of a Missouri or Illinois bankruptcy lawyer is an important one. Proceed with caution as you look for the best bankruptcy attorney and remember not to settle before you know all the facts about who you are hiring.


Jim Brown is a bankruptcy attorney based in St. Louis, Missouri. He has spent 15 years fighting an industry that consistently takes advantage of hard-working Americans.He started his rim, Castle Law Office, with his wife and best friend, Sherrie. In his spare time, he enjoys coaching youth hockey, golfing, and spending time with his three wonderful children.For more information, visit

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